Top Trusted IT Development Agencies

The stats claim that in 2021 the assessed value of the world software market was around $430 billion, and analysts estimate the 12% annual growth till 2028. In today’s world practically every industry has introduced corporate software to boost business operations, no wonder why there’s such a sharp increase in demand for custom software development services. Our task is to distinguish the most trusted IT outsourcing companies that business owners could hire to create their digital solutions or optimize the existing platforms.

Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud is a world-known web and mobile app development agency. With its 10+ years of experience, the company has successfully implemented over 300 digital projects of various complexity levels. Being based in the UK, this team of experts professionally delivers its top-quality services to such corporations, as BNP Paribas, Thermo-Fisher, Nokia, and others. One shall not doubt in the expertise of this software provider since almost every year, Imaginary Cloud enters global rankings by Clutch, TheManifest, GoodFirms, DesignRush, and others.


iTechArt is a UK-based IT outsourcing company that provides custom software development services. It has quite an extensive team with over 3500 engineers and specialists in various fields. The given agency creates web and mobile solutions from scratch, upgrades already-made platforms, builds MVP versions, turning them into fully-fledged unicorn software. iTechArt was founded in 2002 and since then it offers mobile and web app development, software building, AI platform development, cloud computing services, testing and post-launch support.


UpsilonIT is a well-trusted IT software provider in Estonia. The software it designs is able to rise even to the most complicated business challenges. The team is highly-competent to build tailor-made mobile and web application products for companies of diverse industries, for instance, healthcare, transportation, art, real estate, and more. Being on the market for 9 years, UpsilonIT successfully realizes startups and develops MVP versions. This agency takes advantage of the latest technologies, programming languages, and frameworks to build custom software solutions.


Simform is one of the biggest IT companies in the USA. It assists its clients who come all over the world with growing their businesses by means of advanced web and mobile solutions. The team of experts is specifically great when it concerns VR and AR platform development. The mentioned agency delivers software that helps startups and big corporations to achieve impressive results in business. The company has worked directly with the International Hockey Federation, when Simform managed to improve usability and user engagement of its software.


Agilie represents an expert IT outsourcing agency that creates up-to-date digital solutions consistent with current trends in the global market. The primary goal of the team is to offer business owners customized digital products, allowing them to grow companies and increase profits. Agilie has over 10 years of on-hand experience in building  innovative mobile applications and sophisticated web resources for businesses, operating in various industries. This Ukrainian IT company knows how to take your software to the cloud, as well as increase your cloud investment returns.

You can trust your business Digital Transformation to the IT outsourcing companies listed above. Be sure they’ll professionally fulfill their obligations and provide you with the upscale software that will encourage your company’s success. In case you’re not sure which agency to hire, do some kind of research and evaluation of the options to make the right choice.

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